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In Silver Spring and surrounding areas, Matthew E. Bennett can help you with post-trial matters. His years of experience and the effectiveness of his post-conviction practice can work to your advantage.

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If you have been convicted of a crime in Maryland, you have 30 days from the date of the sentence to decide on an appeal of your outcome. A motion for a new trial may be filed within 10 days of a trial's conclusion. A sentence of two or more years may be reviewed by a panel of three judges.

If any of those critical criteria apply to you, you could use the assistance of a lawyer who will work hard to make things right for you the second time around. Attorney Matthew E. Bennett has the post-conviction advocacy experience you need.

Montgomery County Post-Trial Expungement Attorney

During your free initial consultation, our respected attorney can lead a detailed discussion of your need for, and chances for success with, post-trial strategies such as:

You owe it to yourself and your family to explore the possibility of post-trial legal matters that could clear your name and restore your freedom. Matthew E. Bennett will always provide honest answers to your questions and realistic assessments of your goals.

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