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Knowing all the possible risks involved with riding a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Blog

As summer months bring in warmer climates, you could choose to take advantage of the weather by hitting the open roads in Maryland on your motorcycle. In addition to cutting down on fuel costs, riding a bike may also provide you with a sense of excitement and freedom.

However, choosing a similar mode of transportation could also leave you with a certain level of concern for your safety. Even with all the necessary safety gear such as a helmet and protective clothing, a motorcycle accident could pose a significant threat to your well-being.

Preparing for every possible scenario

While the best way to protect yourself from harm would be to avoid involvement in a collision altogether, in some cases, this can be an impossible feat. However, by knowing the possible risks involved in riding a motorcycle, you could reduce the odds of an accident significantly, and these may include the following:

  • Driver distraction: As you ride your bike, it might prove essential to watch out for oncoming traffic, as a distracted driver that veers off course and into your lane could place your health at risk.
  • Sudden turns: Motorcycles are inherently smaller than other vehicles and are thus more difficult to spot, and cars that fail to notice your bike may suddenly turn into your path.
  • Parked vehicles: While driving in areas that provide vehicles with roadside parking, it is advisable to proceed with caution, as the sudden opening of a car door could create a hazardous scenario.
  • Rear-end collision: While in many cases, a rear-end collision may lead to little more than damage to a vehicle, for bikers, a similar accident could have devastating consequences.
  • Weather conditions: In times of inclement weather, one may experience limited visibility. If you must travel on your bike during these periods, it might be advisable to proceed with extreme caution.

As a biker, you have the same rights to the road as any other vehicle. However, merely having the right to be on the road might not protect you, and if another party’s negligent actions cause a collision, you may be the one who suffers the consequences.

Serious injuries

If you are involved in a motorcycle-related collision, chances are, you could suffer serious injuries in the process. If the other driver is at fault, you may wish to exercise your right to pursue accountability, but the civil justice system can be exceedingly complex. However, by obtaining guidance from someone with experience in such matters, you could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of restitution you deserve through a personal injury lawsuit.

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