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Facing the aftermath of a trucking accident

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Injuries

A motor vehicle accident is a frightening experience. Even if the events seem to happen in slow motion, your body and mind may undergo a kind of paralysis that prevents you from reacting physically. However, if your accident involved a large vehicle, such as an 18-wheeler or construction truck, the terror may be something you will never overcome.

Even if you are driving a pickup truck or SUV, your vehicle may be no match for a tractor-trailer. Commercial vehicle accidents have many factors that set them apart from crashes between two similarly sized vehicles. Understanding the differences may lead to a more successful pursuit of damages.

Sharing the road with giants

Even if the event involved only one truck and your vehicle, numerous other entities may be involved in the legal aftermath, including the trucker’s employer and their insurance carriers. Laws in Maryland and at the federal level set strict safety standards for trucking companies and their employees, and violations of these laws may leave a company and its owners liable for your injuries. Some of the more common violations and questionable actions trucking companies may engage in that could lead to a civil suit for damages include all of the following:

  • Failing to ensure the trucker had proper licensing to drive the vehicle
  • Hiring drivers who are unqualified based on past safety records, such as drunk driving arrests or previous accidents
  • Failing to provide adequate training
  • Neglecting to enforce federal and state laws for rest
  • Overloading the truck beyond the legal capacity for its size
  • Neglecting proper maintenance on vehicles

A personal injury attorney who has experience seeking compensation for truck accident victims will have the resources to investigate these possibilities.

Reclaiming your life

Undoubtedly, you and your family will struggle for some time following an accident as devastating as one with a large truck. You may have long-term medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and mental distress that affects your quality of life. Your injuries may make it impossible for you to return to gainful employment. You may have the ultimate suffering of having lost a beloved family member who was in the vehicle with you during the accident.

Seeking compensation for these and other damages can be an overwhelming but important task. Not only does it provide you with the resources you need to regain some normalcy of life, but it sends a clear message to the trucking industry of the importance of taking every precaution to ensure the safety of those who share the road with big rigs.

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