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Accident recovery includes documenting injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, Injuries

When another driver causes an accident, that driver is liable, and the costs of your injuries should be covered via bodily injury liability. However, if your losses are not covered by the driver’s Maryland insurance, a personal injury case might be in order to ensure that your medical bills and related costs are paid. You might be suffering from one or more of the following common injuries received in car accidents.

Head injuries are especially troublesome

One of the hardest injuries to treat is a head injury due to the many complications that can arise. A head injury can affect someone’s ability to work or even live a relatively normal life. Something seemingly non-threatening, like a concussion, could wind up having lasting effects that are not readily apparent. An MRI or similar diagnostic tool is the best way to document a head injury and a related traumatic brain injury that might occur. Treatment might last an entire lifetime and could include brain surgery or other risky procedures.

Neck and spinal injuries can cause paralysis

Another serious concern arising from a car accident is the potential for injuries to the neck and spine. A spinal injury might be immediately noticed and lead to surgical treatment and possible ongoing health effects. It also might be missed due to related soft-tissue damage and other injuries caused by a car accident. A CAT scan might be needed to identify the injury, which may need spinal surgery to correct. The extent of the injuries, corrective measures and amount of pain experienced all require proper compensation.

Broken bones might need multiple surgeries

The blunt force trauma caused by a car accident can be devastating on bones. Multiple fractures often require surgeries to restore strength and use. That does not mean you have fully recovered; the related pain might be ongoing.

An attorney experienced in personal injury law may help to document your injuries while you’re receiving medical treatment. A strong case is your best possible chance to get fair compensation for pain and injuries.

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