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Do you qualify for Maryland DUI court?

Maryland has a DUI/DWI Treatment Court for individuals charged with driving under the influence who struggle with substance abuse. Through this diversion program, convicted DUI offenders can take steps toward a sober lifestyle outside the criminal justice system.

Review the requirements of the Montgomery County DUI court if you face these charges in Maryland.

Program goals

Maryland’s Drug Treatment Court strives to help individuals thrive and become productive without substance use. The program takes a nonadversarial team approach to recovery. Each person must complete a structured, intensive individualized treatment with specific requirements toward graduation. You must have a drug or alcohol addiction and make a voluntary commitment to the treatment court.

Eligibility and requirements

The specific program entry requirements and structure vary from one Maryland county to another. In Montgomery County , DUI and Drug Court is open to residents who are at least 18 years old, have a substance use disorder, and have a pending non-violent offense. You or your attorney can contact the program directly if you have pending charges or you can receive a referral from a judge or probation officer.

To graduate the program, you must complete all requirements including nine months of sobriety. The court supervision includes intensive weekly requirements such as appearances before the judge, participation in a sober community, regular drug and alcohol screening, case management with the Drug Court team, and intensive treatment for substance use disorder.

After finishing requirements and receiving approval of the judge and drug court team, you may qualify for an expunged record and avoid jail time.

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