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Documenting your injuries after a motor vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Blog, Injuries

Whenever you get into your car to drive somewhere, you put yourself at risk of getting into a car accident. Although some accidents cause minor to severe injuries, others can be fatal for the driver and any passengers.

In Maryland in 2019, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 521 people died in car accidents. If you were in an accident and only sustained injuries, properly documenting the recovery process can help you protect your rights to fair and proper compensation.

Take pictures

Shortly after the accident, take pictures of your injuries, if possible. Store these on your phone or in another place where you can access them easily. Continue to take pictures periodically of your injuries as you heal.

Maintain a journal

Take note of your recovery process in a daily journal. Write down how you feel, what kind of limitations you experience because of your car accident injuries and any medical treatment you receive from various providers on that day, as well as any medications you take.

Collect documentation

Whenever you see a physician following your car accident, ask for an official report from the appointment. You should also acquire receipts for any medical or rehabilitative care you pay for as you undergo the recovery process.

You may feel devastated about the injuries you incurred in the car accident and their impact on your daily life, especially shortly after the collision. Properly documenting your injuries and the recovery process can help you protect your interests and effectively support your case.

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