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Driving privileges after a Maryland DUI

When facing charges of driving under the influence in Maryland, you likely have concerns about whether you will be able to keep your license. The answer varies based on factors such as age and previous offenses.

Learn about driver’s license suspension after a Maryland DUI before attending a court date for this offense.

After the arrest

If you refuse or fail a blood alcohol content test at the scene, law enforcement can confiscate your license and issue a suspension order. You may receive a temporary license pending your court date, which lasts for 45 days.

After the temporary license expires, your suspension begins if you receive a Maryland DUI conviction. Loss of driving privileges may last from 180 days to two years depending on the circumstances of your case. For example, receiving a DUI with children in the vehicle can result in an extended suspension period.  You may also receive 8 to 12 license points, which remain on your motor vehicle record for two years.

With an ignition interlock device

Maryland allows drivers on temporary DUI suspension to apply for the IID program. You must install this device in your vehicle at your own expense by a service provider approved by the state. The IID requires you to take a breath sobriety test before allowing the vehicle’s engine to start. Maryland receives data about violations recorded with the IID, which may result in reinstatement of the suspension.

Understanding your options can help you protect your ability to drive to work and school when you face charges of DUI in Maryland.

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