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Stay safe as a pedestrian this September

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Injuries

When kids head back to school, more cars on the road and more feet on the sidewalks result in more accidents involving pedestrians. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, the United States experienced more than 6,000 fatalities in these collisions in 2019 alone.

Whether you pass your local school on your daily commute or walk your own children to their classes each day, these safety tips can help prevent serious pedestrian injury in an auto accident.

Remain visible

When walking, make eye contact with drivers before entering the street to make sure they see you. After sunset, wear reflective tape and light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight.

Drivers should keep headlights on at all times to stay visible to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Know the laws

Traffic rules apply to both drivers and pedestrians. When traveling on foot, obey traffic signals and cross only at designated crosswalks and intersections. Motorists should always use their turn signals and look carefully for pedestrians before entering a crosswalk or intersection.

Stay alert

Distractions are dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. If you are walking, do not wear headphones or use your smartphone en route. These distractions remove your attention from potential hazards. Drivers should always avoid device use as well as other distractions such as eating, grooming oneself or conversing with passengers.

Drug and alcohol use also falls into this category for both walkers and motorists. Altered consciousness makes it difficult to detect and avoid potential hazards.

Following these guidelines can help you avoid a pedestrian accident that results in debilitating injury.

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