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The consequences of a DUI conviction go way beyond the courtroom

If law enforcement suspects you of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), you may only have time to think about the near-term ramifications such as fines and license suspension.

However, a DUI mark on your record will follow you and affect different aspects of your life well into the future.

Employment problems

If your current job includes driving for the company, your employer could terminate you because of a DUI conviction. If you are looking for a new job, keep in mind that most employers perform background checks on applicants. An employer wants to feel that a potential employee is trustworthy. Unfortunately, due to the DUI mark on your record, a recruiter may pass you over in favor of an applicant with a clean record.

Career issues

A DUI conviction can disqualify you from obtaining the state licensing or certification you need to enter certain careers. These include healthcare, law and education.

Auto insurance woes

Once you have a DUI blemish on your record, your current auto insurance agent may see you as a high-risk driver. The insurer can either cancel your policy altogether or issue a new policy at a much higher rate that will remain in place for years.

Challenging the charge

Having an advocate on your side is essential if you are under arrest for DUI. The goals of a successful defense strategy are to protect your rights, challenge the arrest and get the charge against you reduced or dismissed altogether. You do not need the long-term headaches a DUI conviction can bring, and you want the best outcome possible for your case.

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