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3 ways bicyclists can act to avoid a vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

Riding a bicycle is a healthy and convenient way to get around. However, sidewalks and bicycle lanes are by no means places where you are immune from accidents involving automobiles.

When you are sharing the road with larger vehicles, or are even near the road, there are certain safety practices you should follow as outlined by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Knowing some of the most common and effective bicycle safety measures will help you stay protected from catastrophic injuries while cycling.

1. Use hand signals

It likely goes without saying that drivers are less likely to hit you if they know exactly what you are doing. When turning or changing lanes on the road, performing noticeable and obvious gestures to display your intentions can do a lot of good.

2. Enter intersections cautiously

Speeding from the sidewalk to an intersection crossing can be very dangerous. Even if traffic signals indicate that it is safe to cross, drivers who are performing a legal right turn during a red light might not notice you approaching from the sidewalk.

3. Be visible

Above all, bicycle safety comes down to being visible to motorists so that they can follow their own safety measures to the best of their abilities. Attaching a headlight to your bicycle and wearing bright clothing are easy ways to increase your visibility.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs involving a bicycle, the cyclist stands to sustain the most injury due to their relative level of vulnerability. Keeping basic safety at the forefront of your mind can mitigate the risk of such an accident in a huge way.

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