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3 Qualities of drunk drivers involved in vehicular accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Injuries

One question that people beg to know is whether drunk drivers tend to share similar qualities. It is possible to compare everything from their prior behavior to their gender. That can shed light on which groups are more at risk for getting involved in a car crash.

Here are some statistics on what qualities and characteristics drunk drivers involved in vehicular accidents share.

1. Drink regularly

People who drink and drive every week are more likely to end up in a crash. This is because these people tend to drink heavily on these occasions and have a high blood alcohol content. That could indicate that people who are alcohol dependent have a higher risk of ending up in a fatal crash due to drinking and driving.

2. Drink heavily

Likewise, many drivers who drink and cause crashes have consumed large amounts of alcohol and have a BAC over the legal limit. These included collisions with one and multiple vehicles.

3. Are male

Looking at a state’s car crash data will prove that many people involved in accidents are male. That is because men are twice as likely to drink and get into a fatal car crash than women.

These qualities can give responsible drivers an idea of who is most at risk. The individuals listed here are most likely to drink, drive and get into a fatal car crash. That can give others insight into what to watch out for if they are on the road in the evening. That information could help people avoid a fatal crash.

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