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3 FAQs about a second or third DUI conviction

While people hope to learn from their mistakes, that does not always happen. When it comes to a second or third DUI arrest, that mistake may have far-reaching consequences.

In the first six months of the year, the State of Maryland saw 4,296 DUI arrests. If you fall into that category and already had a conviction in the past five years, you may have questions regarding your options and the consequences that may follow.

1. Do I have defense options?

The state takes second and third DUI offenses seriously, but that does not mean you have no potential defense options. Like the first offense, the prosecution must still provide the burden of proof. A lawyer will work with you to evaluate the evidence and determine if the arresting officer followed proper procedures, both of which may change the outcome of the court case.

2. What factors may increase the penalties?

Some factors may add further penalties to a conviction. If you have not met probation requirements from the prior DUI, it may harm your case. Penalties may also get increased if your DUI arrest happened while transporting a minor. Doing so may mean added jail time and fines.

3. What consequences might I face?

If you have one prior conviction, the courts may sentence you to up to two years in jail and a $2,000 fine. The penalties increase for a third conviction, which may include a three-year jail term and a $3,000 fine. In both instances, you may get your license revoke and have to attend a treatment program.

Although another DUI arrest may seem hopeless, not every case ends with the same results.

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