Motor Vehicle Accidents

A serious accident can leave you in a vulnerable physical and emotional state. Suddenly, you find yourself unable to work and in need of medical treatment, which combined can drain you financially.

At The Law Office of Matthew E. Bennett, we can provide you with the care and compassion you need while you recover from your injuries. We will represent you in your personal injury claim so that you can receive maximum compensation for your suffering. Contact our Silver Spring law office at 301-587-3942 to discuss your car accident with a personal injury lawyer.

Montgomery County Truck Wreck Lawyer

Attorney Matthew E. Bennett has handled numerous motor vehicle accident claims in Maryland, including:

Regardless of the type of claim, you can trust Matthew E. Bennett to dedicate time to build your case. He will consult expert investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to research the circumstances surrounding your accident. He will also talk to health professionals to get an accurate picture of the pain and suffering you have endured.

Offering Contingent Fees for Personal Injury Representation

If the insurers refuse to compensate you for your suffering, Matthew E. Bennett will not hesitate to bring your claim to court. He is prepared to handle complex personal injury litigation matters. No need to worry about what your representation will cost you. Our law firm offers important legal services to personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we collect a settlement damage award for you.

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