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Five ways to avoid distracted driving

Make no mistake about it—distracted driving is a major hazard on Maryland roadways. While state laws prohibit driving while operating a cell phone without a hands-free device, the truth is that vehicles present several other forms of distraction that the law doesn’t always account for.

In order to keep  Maryland's roads safe, it’s important to do your part to cut down on all avenues of distracted driving. By following a few simple best practices, you can be more attentive while behind the wheel, thereby decreasing your chances of being involved in accident. Here are five helpful tips for avoiding distracted driving:

So, is marijuana legal now in Maryland?

The news that recreational marijuana is now legal in California may lead some people to think getting caught with marijuana in Maryland can’t be so bad.

After all, didn’t Governor O'Malley signed a law decriminalizing the possession of 10 grams or less, in 2014? That action made possessing small amounts into a simple civil infraction, like running a red light.

Drink driving accident injuries by the numbers

Have you been injured or lost a loved one in a crash in which the other driver was drunk or otherwise impaired?

Join the club. Alcohol is a factor in 29 percent of all highway fatalities (2015). An additional 16 percent of deaths involve other drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine. [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Traffic Safety Facts]

Maryland among list of states most dangerous for pedestrians

You walk down the street all the time. You pay attention to your surroundings, but you are also complacent. You have walked down and across the street your entire life. You know how a crosswalk works. You are also familiar with the saying that pedestrians have the right-of-way. When the crosswalk changes from the hand symbol into the walking symbol, you know that is your cue to go. These factors can give you a sense of security. Unfortunately, accidents in crosswalks can happen.

How does this relate locally?


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