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Skilled Defense Against The Toughest Criminal Charges

Being charged with a crime can upend your life, and a conviction can negatively impact your life for years. If you are facing criminal charges, you simply cannot afford to wait things out or try to resolve the charges on your own. You need a smart, tough lawyer who can protect your rights and advocate for your best interests at all times.

This is the kind of attorney you’ll find when you contact The Law Office of Matthew E. Bennett. Mr. Bennett has been serving clients in Maryland for more than 20 years, and he has the skills, experience and temperament to help you through this difficult experience and resolve your charges in the most favorable manner available.

Driving-Related Crimes And Traffic Offenses

The Law Office of Matthew E. Bennett handles driving-related offenses large and small, including drunk driving. Contesting even minor violations may be worth it if you drive commercially or depend on your vehicle for work.

Crimes Of Violence

Criminal charges related to violent crimes are very serious from a legal and personal perspective. Mr. Bennett can help you protect your reputation and your freedom against charges, including:

Property Crimes, Drug Crimes And Other Offenses

Certain offenses are often considered crime of youth, in that they are likely to be committed by young people testing their boundaries or giving in to peer pressure. The Law Office of Matthew E. Bennett is ready to defend minors and students as they face criminal charges that could impact their future opportunities.

No matter what your age, Mr. Bennett can help you fight criminal charges related to these other common offenses:

  • Theft crimes, ranging from shoplifting and burglary to fraud and embezzlement
  • Drug offenses, including possession, intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug trafficking

Legal Advocacy After A Criminal Conviction

Life goes on after getting convicted or accepting a plea deal. And sometimes, there is still legal work to be done as well. The Law Office of Matthew E. Bennett is ready to represent you through a host of post-trial actions, including appeals and motions for a new trial.

If you are currently on parole or probation and have been accused of violating the terms of your court order, Mr. Bennett can represent you at probation violation hearings and meet with your probation officer, if needed.

Finally, there may come a time when it is necessary to get your criminal record expunged in order to qualify for certain employment and educational opportunities. Mr. Bennett can meet with you, examine your record and tell you if your criminal record may be eligible for expungement. If so, he will work with you to draft and review your expungement petition.

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