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A DUI, loss of license and the ALR procedure

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | DUI

If law enforcement stops you on suspicion of DUI, your first concern will likely be about the penalties you face such as losing your driving privileges.

If your blood alcohol level is 0.08% or higher, or if you refuse a breath test, the ALR procedure kicks in and life as you know it will undergo an immediate change.

Understanding the ALR procedure

Maryland is among 41 states where the Administrative License Revocation or ALR law is in place. The ALR procedure allows a law enforcement officer to confiscate your driver’s license immediately if your blood alcohol concentration level is 0.08% or higher or if you refuse to take a BAC test. Following the loss of your license, you will have a temporary driving permit but only for a 10-day grace period. During this time, you can challenge the charges against you by requesting an administrative hearing. If you fail to act within this time, the state will suspend your license for 45 days after which you will have a restricted license so that you can drive to specific destinations such as work, school, medical appointments or probation meetings.

Facing other penalties

First and second offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol are misdemeanors. If your BAC is .08% or above, the court will order the installation of an ignition interlock device in any vehicle you drive. Other penalties you could face include heavy fines, mandatory attendance in an alcohol education program and possible vehicle impound.

Challenging the charges

Remember that you have rights and multiple options for challenging a DUI charge with its accompanying ALR process. Building a successful defense includes launching a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding your arrest in order to arrive at the best outcome possible for your case.

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