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What to do after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Firm News

Motor vehicle accidents are terrifying and chaotic. It doesn’t matter if you’re the driver or a passenger, everyone in the vehicle is at risk for injury in a collision. 

Because they are accidents, and fully unexpected, it is impossible to prepare for them. Knowing steps to take after a car accident can help you as you recover. Most people know the general rule of exchanging insurance information with the driver of the other vehicle, but there are a few additional steps that you should take in the immediate aftermath of any collision. 

1. Involve the police

Even if the collision seems minor and there are no obvious injuries, report all accidents. A police report of the collision will help with your insurance claim for the damage to your vehicle and with any lawsuits that could get filed. If injured, you might want to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver to help pay for your medical bills. A police report will help establish who was at fault. 

2. Take photographs

The police should take photographs for their report. You should take your own photographs as well. Pictures of the scene of the accident, damage to your vehicle, any obstructions that could have contributed to the accident and any visible injuries will all be helpful to your lawyer should there be a lawsuit. 

3. Seek medical attention if injured

If you have any injury as a result of the collision, see a doctor. Go to the emergency room immediately if you are in extreme pain or have an obvious physical injury. Some injuries may take a few hours or days to make themselves known. If you experience any pain in the days after a car accident, do not hesitate to seek medical attention. Records of medical treatment will be helpful in any subsequent lawsuits. 

The hope is that everyone will always walk away from a motor vehicle collision without injury. The reality is that they often result in injury or death. Gathering as much information as possible after an accident is beneficial for any recovery. 

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