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What should you do when campus police come knocking?

For many students, the college years are an exciting time of learning and growth. It can also be a time of fun and excitement, and sometimes, this can lead to choices that may result in legal complications. If you are a Maryland college student or your child is in college, it is beneficial to know about the role of campus police and the rights of a student on campus.

Campus police and security are present on every higher learning campus. Dealing with campus police can be tricky, and students need to know how to deal with them in case of a time where they are under questioning or investigation for improper or illegal behavior. Regardless, students on campus have certain constitutional rights.

Common questions about campus police

It’s normal to misunderstand the role of police on campus. In fact, you may not give these security personnel much thought until you find yourself subjected to questions or your room searched. Some of the most common questions people have about campus police include:

  • Are they real police? Sometimes, security on campus is a paid individual who has no real authority to arrest or question students. However, on bigger campuses, the school will partner with a local police jurisdiction to have officers on campus.
  • Do you have to cooperate? You have the right to remain silent, no matter who is asking you the questions. You can also ask for a lawyer immediately before speaking with security or the police.
  • Can they come in your room? If you live in school housing, you may not be able to refuse a search of your room, per school policy. However, you still have certain protections under the constitution.

Knowing your rights is an important part of protecting your interests in case you find yourself involved in a criminal investigation or facing charges.

Don’t fight back alone

You do not have to face an investigation or criminal charges on your own. There is a lot at stake when you are in trouble with campus police, from your college career to your personal freedom. It is worthwhile to fight back with the assistance of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney.

It is in your interests to secure this help as soon as possible after an arrest or an attempt at questioning. Your future is bright, and your long-term interests are worth fighting for no matter the specific nature of your legal complications.

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